Zoe body butter (minty)


There’s so much talk these days about what we’re taking into our bodies; but how about what we are putting on our bodies? Skin care, like food can have some funky sounding ingredients. Our skin absorbs these chemicals found in the products we apply, so it is important to know the ingredients we’re lathering and spraying our bodies with and that is what brand ZOE stands for.

ZOE has ensured that a thorough research has been conducted to confirm that the ingredients in its array of products are greatly beneficial for any type of skin care.
Zoe Body Butter, a product that actually works, is made up of a harmonious blend of natural ingredients and fortified vitamins to give our skins that glorious glow. Zoe Body Butter contains the following ingredients to guarantee that skin sparkle:

• Shea butter – an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin and also has anti-inflammatory effects and for healing the skin
• Olive oil- for reviving dry skin and giving a skin glow

•Lemon juice- for dark spots and oily skin

• Vitamins A,E and F- these have anti-oxidant properties which are anti-ageing and maintains collagen levels in the skin.

So now, what are you waiting for?!, Grab yours from the nearest supermarket or place your order on sokocentre.com. Zoe body butter, for that healthy, strong and glowing skin.



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